Saturday, May 5, 2012

Which Way?

So you're at a place where you need some help on which direction to go. Having some help and clarity would be nice. Who do you ask? Who do you go to for direction? I'm currently reading Genesis and there are lots of examples in it of people in this predicament. And many of them go to God asking Him which way they should go. One example is Abraham's servant who's sent to go and find a wife for Isaac. In Genesis 24:12 he clearly asks God for direction. And when he finally finds Rebekah, he tells her in verse 42, "So today when I came to the spring, I prayed this prayer: ‘O Lord, God of my master, Abraham, please give me success on this mission." We know God did direct Abraham's servant and did bring him success. Every single day we have decisions that we need to make, and sometimes it's easy to just do what we think is best, without even asking the Lord. Maybe we think we know better than Him, or perhaps we're afraid to bring it to Him because of what He might say? Over the years I've learned to bring everything before the Lord, especially those things that are big deals, and to ask for His direction and success. He does answer us if we'll listen. Sometimes it's by giving us a peace, or opening a door, or using someone else to speak to us about it. If we'll wait on Him and listen, He's faithful to give us direction and success. Don't feel like you have to make all those big decisions, but bring them to the Lord today and ask Him to help you :)

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