Friday, May 25, 2012


If you had something to be thankful for what would it be? I'm sure people would answer this question very differently. But to me, three things I'm extremely thankful for are God's grace, His mercy and His forgiveness. Sometimes it's easy to forget that pastors have trials and battles just like anyone, and I'm no exception. And yes, I'm thankful, just like most Christians, for the grace, mercy and forgiveness He provides. God's unmerited favor and His enabling power (His grace) for me at times is unimaginable. The mercy I don't deserve that's so freely given is incomprehensible. And His forgiveness, which buries my sins in the sea of forgetfulness is astounding. He does all three of these out of His great love. A love that overcomes and conquers everything. A love that's so strong that it crushed even the devil Himself. There's not a day that goes by where my dependence upon His grace, mercy and forgiveness is clearly obvious. Just like every person, I'm a sinner who needs God's grace, His mercy and His forgiveness. And what's so incredible is that He freely offers it to me. What only He can provide, He provides it freely. If you're in need of God's grace, mercy and forgiveness, He offers it to you today. Experience first hand the love of God :)

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