Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And Adilyn Makes 3

In my last post I shared about my excitement for us new dads, especially those I know well and am going to be spending time with. Yesterday for one of my friends it happened. Brian and Katie Hesse had their first child, beautiful Adilyn Grace. I'm so happy for Brian and Katie. They have been amazing friends and this is going to be such a wonderful and new season in their lives. They're going to be great parents! Just like each one of us, we go through different seasons in our lives where things change. Brian and Katie will experience this now that there's three in their family and not two. Changes in the seasons of our lives are part of life. Sometimes it's a bigger change while others are smaller. Regardless, it's always important to keep the first things first. Keep your eyes on the Lord and follow His leading. Cherish your family and loved ones. Never forget God has great plans for your life. I know Brian and Katie will embrace these things as they enter their new season of life. Congratulations to you guys. Love you so much :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

The New Dads

Being the dad of new baby at age 46 wasn't quite the script I'd written out in my mind, but is one I wouldn't change for the world. It's been an incredible journey these past 3 months. One of the most exciting things I'm looking forward to is spending time with other new dads. Several of my good friends have either become a dad recently or are about to. I'm excited about spending time with them and seeing our kids grow up together. I joke about us walking our strollers around the mall together on daddy dates with our babies. Being a dad is great responsibility and one of the most rewarding things too. My little Camille has been just the thing my life has needed. The Lord knows just what we need and at the perfect time too. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends around me be incredible dads that others can follow and have as examples. This is such a wonderful season and I'm so blessed to live out the script that's been written for my life :) Check this out too :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throw in the Towel

Have you ever heard the phrase "Throw in the towel" and wondered where it came from? It comes from the sport of boxing. When a boxer was suffering such a beating and those in his corner wanted to stop the fight and concede, they would throw a white towel into the ring. This would let the referee know it was over and he would immediately stop the fight. When I think about this, we all carry around a towel in some sense or another in our lives. We hold it everywhere we go. Occasionally we all go through difficult times and challenges in life. And more often than not we look at the towel we're holding and want to throw it into the ring of life to stop the fight. Maybe it stems from money, relationships, work or something else. Regardless of its cause, we feel like we're getting so beat up and suffering a beating. Throwing in the towel can be what we see as being our only option. But I say, "Don't throw in the towel!" Things usually aren't as bad as we think they are. We are being guided by our feelings and emotions when what we need in a time like this is faith. We have a God who is bigger than anything we go through or encounter. If only we'd cry out to Him for help. If only we'd trust Him and allow Him to help us. Regardless of the struggles you may be having in life, don't throw in the towel, but turn to God :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You Are Wanted...

One of Dara McLean's more recent songs is titled "Wanted" which describes God's love for us and how valuable we are to Him. Hence the title wanted, signifying how much God wants us. God's love for each person and the plans He has for them is truly astounding. In fact, it's mind boggling to even think about how incredible He wants us to be close to Him and for us to believe all He says about us. We live in a harsh and cruel culture that attacks, criticizes and puts down too many people. If you don't act a certain way, look a certain way, or talk a certain way, you are in jeopardy of being looked down upon. How can people see their value when everything they see or hear tells them how worthless they are? If only people would have the faith and courage to believe what God says about them and not people around them. If they tried as much to please God as they do people I think there would be some shifts in our culture. It's time to see how much God wants you and His amazing love for you, regardless of how you look, your upbringing, your possessions or anything else. You are valuable, precious and more valuable than gold! Today will you dare to believe what God says about you, and not others? Take a moment to listen to one of my current favorite songs :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Being Jealous...

We often hear it and sometimes even say, "I'm so jealous". It's often said in fun, but more often than not there's some truth behind saying it. Jealousy is one of the most dangerous things anyone could face. It's subtle, often slips in unnoticed, and is one of the most destructive things in life. Jealousy means, "Having resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success, or against another's success. It's a mental uneasiness that comes from suspicion or fear of rivalry or unfaithfulness." I don't know how anyone could joke about something so serious. James 3:16 warns us, "For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind." I don't know about you but I don't want disorder and every kind of evil in my life. Everyone has to be on the alert against allowing jealousy to worm its way in. All it takes is you cracking the door and in it will pour. Jealousy is one of the most wicked traps the devil uses, but there is a way to defeat it. There are several things I do when I feel jealousy is trying to make a move in my life. Firstly, I run to the Lord and thank Him. He is my sustainer, provider and source. Secondly, I get my focus off myself and onto others. If I focus too much on myself jealousy will always be knocking on my door. And lastly, stop comparing yourself to others and what they have or get to do. For me, these are simple and effective in crushing jealousy. I'm not willing to allow jealousy to have even an inch in my life. Yes it may seem like a small thing and even fun to joke about, but the reality of it is that it's dangerous and very destructive. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

To Have Goals or Not to Have Goals

In our HITC Life Management class this morning I'm going over a lesson about goals and goal setting. Why is this important you may think to yourself. The answer to that is easy. Without goals "you'll aim at nothing and hit anything." I don't like the sound of that. I don't know about you, but I like to aiming towards something or have a target in mind when I do things. I'm not willing to settle for just anything simply because of my lack of goal setting or vision. I truly believe that if you don't have short term and long term goals in your life, you won't run with purpose, strategy or with passion. Goals are the specific, realistic and measurable things that keep you on the path of accomplishment and success. One of the things I enjoy about having goals is that they're an effective way for me to measure progress. By them I can tell whether or not I'm on track. If you are goal setting person well done. If you're not, you are in luck. There are so many incredible resources available to help you learn to set them and grow in this area. Don't be afraid to set goals in your life. They will help you stay on the right course and can help you move out of the same old same old into a path of excellence.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Today Will Be Grand, Regardless of How It Started...

I was having a pretty smooth morning till I came into the office. Then "it" started happening. Firstly, the large copy job I was running kept jamming on our copy machine. Then when I went in to get my coffee, and the coffee pot had overflowed all over the counter and floor. Arrgghhh! Then I asked myself the question, "Am I going to let these two things affect the rest of my day?" I couldn't because there was too much day left, which I knew was going to be full of potential and opportunity. Would I let these two little things cause me to miss the things that the Lord had set up for me today? Absolutely not! I finished the print job (and now feel like a copy machine specialist), and cleaned up the mess from the coffee, and am now ready for the rest of my day. In fact I'm chuckling a bit about it. This morning things might not go as planned or how you expected, but don't let what happens affect the rest of your day :) There are too many great things in it for you...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some of the Hardest Words to Say...

As Jesus hung on the cross, after being wrongly beaten, mocked and then crucified, He said some of the hardest words anyone could ever say, especially after going through what He had. In Luke 23:34 during His most painful and difficult time, Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do..." He was asking God to forgive them for all they'd done to Him. He could have been mad, offended or even wanted to get revenge. Instead Jesus chose to forgive them by asking the Father to. It's amazing to me how we as humans can hold onto things for so long that often we can't even remember much about them. Yet because we were wronged, we feel it's our right to choose not forgive them. We feel that by choosing not to forgive, in a way we're somehow getting them back or are hurting them. Unfortunately, when we choose not to forgive, the only one it hurts is us. Regardless of what's gone on in your life, choose to forgive. It's not saying they're right, but says that you're moving on. Will you choose to follow Jesus' example today and forgive?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Little Bit of Joy Can Affect So Many...

I recently watched one of the most moving and inspirational media clips I've ever seen about a young man named Teddy Kremer. Sure there are obvious things about him that you could point out and make fun of, but if only you'd take a moment to look beyond them to see the incredible man inside. In the world of professional sports, mega-money, attitudes, egos and vices that come with it, Teddy Kremer is making a huge impact on some of professional sports elite. As a bat boy for the MLB Cincinnati Reds baseball team, he's had a profound impact on the team. Why? Because he brings a simple positive attitude that's full of optimism, joy and thankfulness. Can you imagine if there were hundreds and thousands of Teddy Kremers and the impact they could make? What if we brought the same simple positive attitude that's full of optimism, joy and thankfulness to our world? With all Christ has done and is doing in our lives, shouldn't it be easy for us to do? Please take a moment to watch the story at the following link and I know you won't regret it :) If you've ever asked yourself how you could ever make an impact on the lives of others, learn from Teddy...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lack-Luster Living...

Ever notice how we do some things passionately and whole hearted, and other things lack-luster and half-hearted? There are things we love doing and usually give those things everything we have. Lack-luster means, "Lacking liveliness, vitality, spirit or enthusiasm. Lacking brilliance and radiance. Dull." When it comes to life I want to live it with everything I have. I want to live like there's no tomorrow, regardless what comes my way. Sometimes we allow what we experience to determine how we live. However, I want to be known as a man of passion in everything I do, especially how I live for God. I don't want the word "lack-luster" to be associated with any part of my life! I don't want to be casual or half-hearted at all. I want Colossians 3:23 to describe the way I live, "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men..." Today I will live with passion, enthusiasm and whole hearted. I will choose not to allow being lack-luster and dullness to be part of my day, because I am a child of the King! Will you live today with everything you have?