Thursday, May 10, 2012


There's just something about getting a job or task finished. Starting a task with a picture in your mind of how you want things to look when you're done is wonderful motivation. That's how I feel about yard work. Earlier this week it was time to attack my yard. My grass had grown about seven inches in the past week, and was overdue to be cut. I started first by collecting about 20 pounds of dog poop. It still amazes me how two pugs and a border collie can produce so much of it. Then it's time to make those edges look nice with my trusty old weed eater. Once all the edges look nice it's time to bring out my "old faithful" lawnmower. A Honda mower that's been amazing over throughout the years. I bag my grass as it seems easier when it's so long. After about an hour, and filling two large Costco trash bags, I'm almost done. I finish my task off by sweeping the sidewalks of any grass clippings. Then I'm done! I grab a cold apple juice and sit in one of my favorite outside chairs. I can't help but notice how good everything looks once it's done. The lines of freshly cut grass, along with a dog poop free and nicely trimmed yard can bring so much contentment. Yes it's definitely worth doing to have it look this good. It's the same way with so many things in life. There has to be some sowing before there's any reaping. In fact it's a Biblical principle. I definitely sowed time and hard work into my yard that afternoon, and yes, I love reaping the benefit of how it looks. Enjoy your yard work and other tasks today and this week :) It will be worth it.

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