Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Releasing Them

I couldn't help but think about how quickly this past year of HITC has gone, as I watched our team check in and go through security at the Boise airport heading to Puebla, Mexico. So many things flashed through my mind as I saw each student, reminding me of how much they've grown in the Lord this year. And looking forward to how God used each of them personally and as a team while they were on their mission trip. This trip was in some way a releasing of our students, to be used by God in another nation and culture. This morning reminded me of a bird releasing their child to fly from the nest for the first time. Most of the team has never done a trip like this, and yet I know they are ready and will thrive. When you think about it, aren't most things in life about releasing? Opening your hands and letting what's inside fly. Whether it's with responsibilities, trust, parenting, or anything else, release is a part of life. Isn't that what Jesus did with the disciples? He left to go and be with the Father, releasing them to advance the kingdom. Were they the most qualified or prepared group? Probably not, but He did release them to do His work. This morning there was an amazing release and God has great plans in store :)

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