Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Can A Day Be Any Better?

If you asked me what I did yesterday, I would have to say I simply had an amazing day. It started with a major sleep in till 8:30am. From there it was time in the Bible with a cup of coffee (in my favorite cup). After some time with the Lord and getting ready, I headed out with my beautiful wife. After a couple of stops we ended up at Starbucks in two extremely comfortable chairs. We did our bills, spent some time on Facebook and just talked, sipping on our favorite Sbux drinks. From there we went to our favorite place to eat, PF Changs. We both got our favorite meals for lunch and enjoyed some great conversation in our booth as we ate. From there we stopped by Goodwill and then on to be with the kids after school. To many that may seem like a boring day, but to me it was perfect and couldn't get any better. Spending time with the woman of my dreams, doing things that we both love doing. No stress, pressure or places to be, but being on our schedule. Sometimes our days can be so crammed with stuff (good and bad), that we really don't have any time to slow it all down and spend a little time with the one you love. Sitting at Sbux talking,  holding hands as we walked around downtown Boise, or cuddling in our booth at PF Changs. Proverbs 31:10 tells us, "Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies." And it's true! Husbands, cherish your wives and let them know how precious they are to you :) Coffee at Sbux $6. Lunch at PF Changs $25. A day with the woman of my dreams, priceless! 

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  1. Jeff and I totally agree with your idea of a "perfect" day! So glad God brought each of us couples together at FCA and am so happy to hear that all four marriages that came out of that group are thriving. God is so good...and when He is the center...marriage is so good! Wish we could have a cup of joe with you and Kit and catch up! -Karen P.


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