Saturday, May 26, 2012

No Place Like Home

Last night a large crowd of us gathered at the Boise airport to welcome home our HITC team from their mission trip to Mexico. Seeing their smiling faces as they came through the gates was amazing! There's nothing like coming home from a trip. There have been many times I've come home from a long trip and had a group of people meet me at the airport. As you see everyone it's like nothing else, and I know that's how our team felt last night, walking out to about a hundred excited people. It makes me think about what heaven will be like. I guess no-one exactly knows for sure, but I'm sure it will be incredible too. Coming home from a trip is one thing, but coming home to be with the Lord in heaven will be something else. Heaven is going to be the most wonderful place. It's going to be the best! Having people say "Welcome home" for the last time will be well worth it. By the way, it's also so good having our HITC team home. They did an amazing job under team leaders Jonathan Bryan and Stephanie LaFramboise. Way to go team! Love you all and can't wait to hear all the stories :)

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