Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Worship the Sun or the Son?

Yep, it did happen unintentionally. I was laying out at the pool a few days ago on my back for about 30 minutes. And for that did I ever pay a price. I looked like a lobster on my front side and became the brunt of many jokes. Not only that, even with much aloe vera gel and lotion it stung like crazy. It's funny how many people truly worship the sun. Now I like getting out in it, but some people will lay out in it everyday for hours. I guess I'd say I don't worship the sun, but I do worship the Son. In fact I can't get enough of Him. He is first and foremost in my life. He's been the best thing that's ever happened to me. Today you may be planning on laying out a little in the sun, but before you do, have you spent some time with the Son, Jesus Christ? Although the sun fades at the end of each day, the Son never goes away. In fact He's our constant companion and His desires to be your best friend. Spend some time with Him today :)  (Just on a side note, the picture above is not of me)

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