Friday, June 8, 2012

Goofed Up Priorities

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what your priorities are? I'm not talking about what they should be, but what they really are. It's amazing to me how many people either have no priorities in their life or some that are pretty goofed up. According to Webster, a priority is "Something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives." Take a moment to write down the top five priorities in your life. Now look at them and ask yourself these two questions. Firstly, why do you consider these things as priorities in your life? And secondly, are they priorities that line up with the Bible? I was recently talking with a person about their priorities and was shocked at what they listed as theirs and why. In talking through each of them this person began to see how off track they'd allowed themselves to wander from what God had called them to do. Some of the priorities in my life include serving the Lord wholeheartedly and living passionately for Him; being a man of prayer and the Word; loving my wife and my family and being a Christ-like example to them; providing for my family; loving people and being burdened for the lost. These are just some of the priorities that I take very seriously in my life. Without priorities we can stray off course pretty quickly or live life without much vision or purpose. Having priorities is something that everyone needs to have. Have fun with your priorities :)

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