Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fish N Chips, L & P, 4 N 20 Pies and Real Donuts


Someone asked me recently if there were things I ever missed about New Zealand. Now that I think about it there are some things that I miss (other than family). Let's start with the good old Four N Twenty meat pies. Amazing taste at an amazing price. A staple of the NZ diet. These would definitely do well if you could get them in the US. Next on my list are fish N chips, especially from Fast Eddies in Howick. There's nothing quite like unwrapping a package of fresh and hot fish and chips. Lemon and Paeroa makes my list next. Only available in New Zealand it's hands down the best soda in the world. A cold L & P sounds so good right now. To wrap up my list is fresh cream filled donuts. I remember as a boy when these were only 10c each. They make a great anytime snack. Yep these are things that I seldom get a chance to enjoy, but when I do I savor every moment :) And if you ever get the chance to enjoy them, you'll understand.

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