Friday, January 25, 2013

Who is the Most Important Runner On A 4x100m Relay Team?

Who is the most important runner on a 4x100m relay team? This is a great question. Some will say it's the first runner. Others the Anchor leg. While some say the second or third leg. When it comes down to a 4x100m relay team winning a race there's no one runner who's any more important than one of his teammates. Each relay runner bears the same responsibility as  well as having the same goal and vision. Run my leg as fast as I can, have a clean baton exchange, and cross the finish line first. I know it's probably a little more complicated than that, but I think these three are keys. These same principles can be applied to any team, organization or business. In a business, everyone is vital to its success. And more than that, every person must feel that, as it will only help the team. No one person is more important or vital than anyone else. The beauty of a team is bringing a diversity of people together to achieve a common goal or vision. I love being on teams and seeing how different gifts, personalities, and methods can come together to produce something far greater than individuals on that team could achieve. If you're part of a team, I hope you recognize your value and that what you do is vital to the team's success. When a 4x100m relay team wins a race, it simply means everyone did their part. Enjoy running your leg of the relay :)

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