Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Such Fortitude and Resiliency in Moore OK

I'm sure many people are like me and have been watching the updates coming from Moore Oklahoma. Earlier this week an F5 tornado devastated the town leaving it looking like a war zone. Sadly there were 24 lives (so far) and over 200 injured, but I can't think about how this could have been so much more tragic. Many lives were saved due to the 16 minutes of warning residents had and the reactions of so many of the city's residents. My prayers and thoughts go out to the residents of Moore and Oklahoma. This community has been changed forever by this deadly tornado. But one thing that I continue to see time after time during tragedy is the fortitude and resilience of the human spirit. Whether after tragedies such as 9/11, Newtown, the Boston Marathon bombing and so on, God put such a fight within the spirit of man, that it continues to resurface in some of life's most difficult and challenging moments. I commend the people of Moore. You inspire, challenge and make us not forget our desire to live life. Thank you for helping us be thankful for everything we have, because you are thankful for your lives when you've lost everything. To everyone in Moore, you are my heroes!

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