Monday, April 1, 2013

What's Your Hope In?

Yesterday, being Easter, all I've been thinking about is hope. And my hope is Jesus Christ. This weekend we've celebrated Christ's death, burial and resurrection. And because of what He did, I can have hope. Paul said it clearly in 1Timothy 1:1 when he said, "God our Savior and Christ Jesus commanded me to be an apostle of Christ Jesus, who gives us hope." I couldn't agree more with Paul. Jesus is the one who gives us hope. It's not in what we have, who we know, or anything else. Hope only comes from Jesus. I can make it through today, not because of what I see or feel, but because Jesus is with me and has given me life eternal. Because Jesus lives, I live. Because He conquered death and the grave, I too can now spend eternity in heaven with Him. Jesus is my hope! He's all I need :)

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