Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Am Second

Some of you may have heard about a movement called "I Am Second". Their goal is to inspire people from all walks of life to live for God and to help those around them. They use the life stories of everyday people as well as some who are very well known, to give hope to others through their relationship with Jesus Christ. It's pretty amazing at how big this movement has grown. Yesterday I was skimming the pages of the book titled "I Am Second" and came across a name that was familiar. Where had I heard Tamara Jolee's name before? Then I remembered she's the sports anchor at one of our local stations here in the valley. I'd seen her on TV before and became curious. I then found her story and it blew me away. She talks of someone who's living their dream and all of a sudden horrible news of stage four cancer brings everything crashing down. But then she tells about how her relationship with Jesus Christ has been the rock in her life. I know all of us from time to time go through something that challenges us, stretches us and pushes us to the brink. However, the million dollar question is whether or not Jesus will be your rock and strength. At times He's the only one who can help us in our time of need. Please take a moment to watch Tamara Jolee's story here at It such a blessing to have incredible people like Tamara here in our valley who are bright lights that shine for Jesus. Thank you Tamara :)

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