Monday, January 5, 2015

A Trap to Avoid...

I've seen too many people associate their worth and value with things they shouldn't. Your worth and identity shouldn't be found in what you do, what others say or what you have. Your identity should be found in Christ and nothing else. Unfortunately I've seen too many people base their identities and worth on things they have, things they've done and are doing, or even their titles or positions. As easy as it is to get caught up in this, we must always be alert to not fall into its trap. What if we focussed on those things God says when it comes to our value and worth? What if life wasn't all about what we have or are doing, and was all about Jesus? One of the most important lessons I've learned recently is how our lives can become so busy doing and doing. Yet in all our doing we can forget the One who shows us what we're to do. Even if many of the things I was doing were good, beneficial and rewarding, what's the point in doing them if I'm not spending time with Him and doing those things He has for me? As you read the Bible and see those things God says about you, believe them. If He says He loves you, then He loves you. It's not conditional or based on something we do. If He says He'll never leave us nor forsake us, then He won't. If He says your sins are forgiven, then they're forgiven. You are so valuable and precious to the Lord. Period! Don't ever let someone tell you differently. Check out the lyrics to one of my favorite songs and let the Lord speak to you through it :)

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