Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Does Disagreeing Mean You're Bitter Or Offended?

I think there's a lot of confusion when it comes to disagreeing with someone or something and being bitter or offended. Often people think that when someone does disagree that they are for some reason bitter or offended. I do think that disagreement can definitely lead to someone being bitter or offended if they're not careful. However, saying someone is bitter or offended simply because they disagree with someone or something is absurd. Think about times when you disagree with your spouse. It certainly doesn't mean you're bitter and offended with them, does it? It's funny that some people might think you are though. Disagreement does not equate to bitterness and offense. Don't read into it and make it a bigger deal than it really is. I think we can learn from the example of John Mark with Paul and Barnabas. Sure there was disagreement but I don't think there was bitterness or offense between anyone. If you see how things ended up with these men, their disagreements were just that and nothing else. But as I started off, disagreement can lead to bitterness or offense, but only if you'll let it. My encouragement to you is don't allow it! Bitterness and offense is a horrible place to be. It's a prison! Disagreements are part of life, but bitterness and offense make life miserable.

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