Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vacation Has Begun...

Yes, that time of the year that everyone looks forward to has arrived for me. Vacation! A time to relax, refresh, catch up on sleep and do those things you don't normally get a chance to do. At the moment I'm watching some Pride and Prejudice with my wife. Vacation is a time where your pace changes and your schedule slows down. But does this mean that everything will change over my vacation? Nope! Whether on vacation or not, I continue being a follower of Christ. This means my time with the Lord in prayer, time in the Word, and everything else that followers of Christ do, I will continue in. Whether I'm on vacation or not, some aspects of my life cannot change, being non-negotiable. They are things that are essential and vital to my every day. So as I get some rest on my vacation, don't worry, I'll keep those things that are priorities in my life as priorities :)

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