Friday, June 14, 2013

Today Will Be Full of Opportunities

Today will be full of opportunities. The question is whether or not you will see them? I'm amazed at the opportunities and possibilities found in every day I live. Unfortunately we can easily become sidetracked and overwhelmed by things which prevent us from seeing opportunities and potential. You may ask why would I be so excited about today? My answer is simple. Any day I live as a child of God opens up the door to possibilities. Things that I may have not seen or expected can happen when you serve the creator of the universe. Some days they may be different than others, but every day is one full of possibilities. Is that how you're approaching today? Are you excited about today? Always be ready for God to move. For Him to open doors and bring people across your path. Today I'm living with excitement about my God and the day ahead of me. It's a day that's full of opportunities, potential and possibilities :)

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