Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gross Yet True

One of the most obvious compare and contrast topics the Bible makes is between the fool and the wise. There are literally hundreds of them. In our culture being foolish often seems to be fun and normal. But as you take a closer look in the Bible, being called or known as a fool is not complimentary at all. In fact it indicates many negative things. I've challenged many people to spend a month in proverbs, listing all the characteristics of the wise man and wisdom, as well as the characteristics of a fool and folly. It's quite a remarkable and yet opposing list. One of the most interesting verses dealing with the fool is Proverbs 26:11 which says, "As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness." I know this is pretty gross but I want you to get a picture of how gross this really is. For many of you who own dogs, you're well aware that when a dog vomits, often it will eat its own vomit, and sometimes even the vomit of another dog. This clear picture is how a fool is described as they repeat their folly. They're foolish and the result is foolishness, but it doesn't stop there. Once they've been foolish, they return to it and play in it some more. It's like they can't stop their foolishness. It's as if they take pleasure in being a fool. Yet this isn't God's desire for us. His desire is for his people is for them to be wise. If there's no reference to foolishness when it comes to God, His character or His nature, why would anyone desire to be foolish? All of us have opportunities to choose wisdom or foolishness throughout our day. Your choices will indicate whether you're choosing wisdom or eating vomit :)

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