Thursday, March 8, 2012

Does It Bother You When Others Get the Credit?

If you've ever watched the NBA you're aware that this professional league is made up of teams. Each team is made up of players, who in theory play as a team towards a common goal, winning. But if you've ever watched the NBA or other professional team sports, selfishness, pride and egos are rampant when it comes to these professional leagues. I guess that's why it's so refreshing to watch a Jeremy Lin burst onto the scene in the NBA. I'm amazed at the garbage that goes on between the huge egos of players who are on the same team. One of the most obvious areas with this is seen is when it comes to getting credit. When it comes to a team, if the the members on that team have the same goals, should it really matter who gets the credit? If I take the winning shot and win the game, does that mean that I'm the one who should get all the credit for winning the game? Absolutely not! I may take the winning shot, but it's the team who played the game and helped achieve the outcome. Did one shot win the game? No. It's the teamwork over the course of the game that won it. Unfortunately, when we look around in culture, this same philosophy takes place. People are always trying to get the credit for things, even when it deserves to go to someone else. If you're part of a team, don't get hung up on who gets the credit for success. Do your best to help your team succeed, regardless of whether you're recognized or not. I love watching great teams succeed, especially when there's no superstar on the team. They win because of them working together and not because of the abilities of one team member. Today, if someone on your team gets credit for something, rejoice with them. Don't let envy or jealousy make its way in. Don't let it bother you when others get the credit :) Heed the warning in James 3:16, "For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind." God will do incredible things on your team if you're not worried about who get the credit.

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