Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When Starbucks is a Luxury...

Before you read the rest of this post, you must know that I only chose Starbucks because it was a place that I used to visit frequently. However, it could easily refer to any coffee shop for that matter. In the past year my Starbucks visits have declined significantly. I do love the atmosphere and environment, but unfortunately when your personal financial belt is a little tighter, things like Starbucks become the first to go. I've seen recent statistics on Starbucks drinkers showing things such as how much people spend and how often they go in a week. It's as if their coffee shop visit is what they're supposed to do. For the last year now I've probably only visited Starbucks once every few weeks. And even then it's for my favorite grande Earl Grey tea with cream and raw sugar, which dings me $2.28. But the thing I have learned over this past year when it comes to Starbucks has been such a valuable lesson for me. In years past I may have visited Starbucks up to three times a week. It was what I did. Instead of being something special, it became the norm. It's funny how your perspective can change over time. Now when I go to Starbucks I view it as being a luxury. Have fun when you visit your local coffee shop today :)


  1. Good word, Pastor Lee! What a wonderful & TRUE view!

  2. No SBux for me today but lots of great coffee in the office :)


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