Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How Do You Respond to Change?

For some people change is a way of life, while for others it can be very difficult. For me personally, I enjoy routine and consistency, but must be ready for changes as it comes. How do you do when it comes to change? I'm encouraged by the example of many people in the Bible who responded to change when it took place. For instance, how the Israelites needed to move when the cloud moved. Or the disciples when they were doing something and then Jesus would have them move onto the next thing. Change is something that's guaranteed to happen in our lives. The question is how will you handle it? How will your response be? Now I do realize that change is sometimes good, but other times it's not so good. For example, how the Israelites always sought the Lord before going into battle. Yet they didn't prior to attacking Ai, and we all know the consequences. Whether change brings good or bad with it, it's certain to come. One of the most important things I see when it comes to change is through my growth as a Christian. I have definitely changed so much and continue changing each day I serve the Lord. In this instance change is awesome! Are you ready for change today? Don't let it catch you off guard :)

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